Welcome to Water4All

We provide complete water-treatment solutions for a range of application areas.

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Water Treatment Process

Water4All water treatment is based on a plug-and-play operation and does not use chemicals and instead uses a different technological approach based on membranes, electrolysis coagulation. 

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One-Stop Service

Water4all offers a one-stop service for water-treatment. Water4all makes water-treatment management easy and effective. Our service includes:

3-Step Approach

To find out what Water4All can do for you, just follow our 3-step approach. 

Clean water is just 3 steps away.  
  1. Provide us with a water analysis of your local water »
  2. Define the required water production capacity  »
  3. Ascertain the required water application »

Application Areas

  • Drinking water production
  • Upgrading services of water-supply companies
  • End of line us
  • Pre-treatment for Reversed Osmosis
  • Rain-water harvesting
  • Small communities (Villages, compounds, agglomerations, hotels, shopping malls, etc.)
  • Reuse of domestic water
  • Effective use of water
  • Exploring smaller sources (networking)
  • Modular capacity building
  • Fast disaster response
  • Reuse (grey water) Flushing, Washing, Irrigation, Infiltration, Safe Storage, Industrial use.

Fair Planet

Sustainable use of the planets resources requires organizations to rethink their use of available resources. Water is one key resource used by industries and people alike. The 3P approach; people, planet profit aims to capture these requirements. 
W4A water treatment solutions benefits all three;
  1. People; Clean drinking water
  2. Planet; Extremely low energy consumption (<100 Watt/M3) (e.g. wind/solar power driven) and no chemicals for water-treatment. 
  3. Profit; Low cost drinking water.